Friday, December 6, 2013

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Latest Kevin Staker Profiles

Some of the profiles of Kevin Staker to take a look at are the following:

Kevin Staker has a profile at at He only presently has a rating of 6.6.  Most likely because he had not complied with their idea of using their site.  However, one hopes that can be improved with time.  Kevin focuses his practice on estate planning with living trusts.  He advises on the whole spectrum of estate sizes, from qualifying someone for long term care paid by Medi-Cal to estates worth 10's of millions.

The YouTube profile of Kevin Staker can be found at  It is curious it does not turn up higher on a search regarding Kevin Staker.  It mostly includes videos from his trip to Kenya in 2006.  The video of the cheetah walking alongside is one of the greatest because of the reaction of his wife Mari.  If you want to hear what ecstasy sounds like, listen to the video.

Finally the MerchantCircle Blog of Kevin Staker can be found at  This blog is fairly visible but could be more visible.  Kevin tends to write her more about news about his law firm.  His firm has had a very good year.

This Blogger blog may be changed so the title is Medi-Cal Planning.  Kevin needs to see if he has another blog site with such theme.  We shall see.

Kevin Staker