Thursday, February 11, 2016

February 2016 Updated Kevin Staker Links

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This post includes a number of Kevin Staker updated links.

The most important is the page of links, comprehensive, of Kevin Staker at  This page covers them all.

Another important page of Kevin Staker is Hopefully some of his clients will post review and raise its visibility.

The VisualCV of Kevin Staker is very important.  Much useful information is found there.  The location is  Kevin adds information to it when it becomes available.

The Youtube videos of Kevin Staker get often overlooked.  He posts there often.  These Kevin Staker videos can be found at

The Xing Profile of Kevin Staker is often viewed.  One version is in German.  Kevin is fluent in Italian.  This profile can be found at

Finally the Twitter feed of Kevin Staker is surprisingly not higher in viewings.  He tweets on occasion.  This site is found at

Kevin Staker is a living trust attorney at StakerLaw Tax and Estate Planning in Camarillo, California. 

Updated Blogs and Other Sites of Kevin Staker

Kevin Staker has several sites:

One is, the Twitter account of Kevin Staker.

 The Google sites location of Kevin Staker is found at

The Facebook site of Kevin Staker at StakerLaw is found at  This is his business site.  His personal is at kevinstaker. He does not post here very often.  We shall see how effective this is.

The Medi-Cal subdomain of Kevin Staker is located at  This site could also be refurbished.  The dollar amounts are outdated.