Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Websites and Kevin Staker

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The Friendster profile of Kevin Staker is also helpful. Kevin Staker has a number of profiles on the Intenet. However, he does to keep this one current. This is part of his search engine reputation management effort. Which at times is somewhat successful.

Kevin Staker also is on Twitter. He does not "tweet" that often. But on occasion Kevin Staker does. Not always the most insightful. However, it can give a view into his life.

The personal bio site of Kevin Staker is located at This site has surprisingly detailed and revealing information about Kevin Staker. He has had an interesting life.

On that same Kevin Staker bio site, there are a number of helpful links to other sites about Kevin Staker. It is a bit hard to keep up because it requires Frontpage to update. However, Kevin Staker does try to do so on an occasional basis. It is one of several semi-official lists of Kevin Staker links.

A very interesting site is It lists all the sites it can find regarding all the people named Kevin Staker in the world. Very interesting to see that there is more than one Kevin Staker out there. One wonders who some of these people are. None seem to be as visible on the web as Kevin Staker the estate planning attorney in Camarilo, California.

There is also a profile of Kevin Staker at This profile also seems to have some credibility. However, it is strange is does not easily link to the websites Kevin Staker has "dugg".

There is a profile of Kevin Staker on PRLog. PRlog is a great place for press releases. Kevin Staker has found it very helpful in promoting his law firm. This profile seems to have much credibility. Please note that the PressRoom of Kevin Staker on PRLog is located at This is main place where Kevin Staker posts his press releases.

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